2 BHK Flats in Mulund West - Open Kitchen Vs Traditional Kitchen

Open Kitchen Vs Traditional Kitchen

It's been a while since we talked about the Interior decor topics, right?

Don't worry, we are here to save the day, and Today we shall explore Open Kitchens Vs Traditional Kitchens!

If Home is where the heart is, then Kitchens are known as the heart of a home. And Kitchen designs are something every family will be particular about.

Gone are the days of our grandmother's traditional kitchens and styles; now, as more and more people are settling down in the metro cities, especially in classy apartments and flats, the trend of Open Kitchen models is ruling the roost.

But before that, let's explore in-depth about these different kitchen models.

What is an open kitchen?

In simple words, an open kitchen is where the Kitchen area is not separated from the living or dining area. As mentioned earlier, this type of layout is popular in apartments and small homes where space is limited. Open kitchens can also be found in some large homes where the kitchen is adjacent to the living or dining room. It was hugely popular in the US & UK, and now the trend has reached the urban dwellers in India as well. Due to the lack of space, having an open kitchen is the simplest solution to drive away your space concern as well as to make your home look bigger.

Advantages of an Open Kitchen

Simpler and Minimalistic for Smaller Spaces

The minimalistic and simpler look will bring a whole lot of benefits for smaller housing units such as flats and apartments. It will bring a whole new outlook and make the look even classier and more spacious.

Increased Family Interactions

When the kitchen is open, it allows for increased social interaction between family and guests. This can be a great way to entertain guests or have family bonding time.

Chic & Modern Design

Open Kitchens are considered a much more modern design layout compared to the traditional kitchen designs.

Brighter & Well Ventilated

Open Kitchens negates out one of the major cons of the traditional kitchens, and that is the lack of ventilation and brightness. Open Kitchen Concept lets in plenty of air and light into the space, crafting a better ambiance for the ones who work in the kitchen.

Disadvantages of Open Kitchens

Loud Sounds & Smells!

Perhaps the major disadvantage of Open Kitchen models is the unbarred exchange of sounds between the kitchen and living room. The mixer and the grinder's loud sounds will definitely ruin the peacefulness of the kitchen. The smells, too, will be unhindered, whether it be the amazing aroma of tasty dishes or the burnt/ spicy smell that you desperately want to conceal.


Yes, everything that happens in the kitchen, the way you cook and the way you mess up, all can be seen by the guests in the living room. More than the lack of privacy, this can also be very distracting.

What are Closed or Traditional Kitchens?

Traditional Kitchens, in the simplest sense, is a kitchen layout that is separate from the other rooms in the home Traditional kitchens or closed kitchens are the ones we saw while growing up. The closed kitchens are separate rooms of their own and are accessible only through a door.

Traditional or Closed Kitchens are preferred by the ones who are fully focused on the art of cooking and demand a crystal clear concentration far from the reaches of the living room.

( and also for introverts forced to bring in guests)

So which one is the best choice?

Honestly, it is totally your call!

Your home's layout also generally plays a major part though cause, because not every house will be suitable for creating an open kitchen. Often during the house renovations, many will opt for the chance to build an open kitchen. But do note that ultimately there should be enough light and ventilation, and do set up an auto clean chimney for clearing out the smoke.

So folks, that's all about Open Kitchen Vs Traditional Kitchens!

Source: www.homes247.in