Vastu for Hall colors for buying a 3 BHK Flat in Mulund west - Hall colours as per Vastu for a happy home

Hall colours as per Vastu for a happy home

By aligning the hall colours with Vastu, one can uplift the positive vibrations in the house.

Colours have the power to heal people, reduce stress and attract positivity. In this article we look at various hall colours, as suggested by Vastu.

Home hall colours as per Vastu

The hall in a home, is the hub of all energies. It should always have a comfortable and calming touch. The colours of the hall, as per Vastu, should evoke joy, happiness and attract favourable vibes. These colours include a palette of light blue, pale yellow, light brown, white and pink. The colour green or blue can also signify serenity and well-being with a touch of red, orange and purple.

White hall colour as per Vastu

White, in all its shades, creates an active and encouraging hall space. When it comes to wall paint for the hall, according to Vastu Shastra, white brings freshness, wisdom and purity. However, avoid a stark white living room and play with textures. Add a subtle dose of pastel shades to add life. Creating a neutral base for the hall interiors and sprucing it up with coloured accessories is the most appreciated design norm. It keeps the space classy. Brighten up a Vastu-compliant white hall with coloured linen or green plants and bright pictures.

Vastu-compliant blue hall

Sky blue has an elegance that brings serenity to the hall. Since it is a great Vastu colour, it gives a good vibe to your living room. Light or pastel shades of blue in the living room can create a cosy and peaceful atmosphere. Opt for a Mediterranean-inspired colour palette with a blue accent wall and all-white furniture. Blue also denotes beauty, contentment and inspiration. It enhances creativity if you have a home office in the living room. You can also use it liberally in your work area.

Brown hall colour as per Vastu

Brown has become a popular choice in recent years. It has nourishing energy that is associated with good things, such as the earth, chocolate and coffee. As per Vastu, brown radiates comfort and stability. It is easy to incorporate brown in the hall with an accent wall or wooden furniture. The colour brown is traditionally associated with warmth, comfort and shelter. Colours like light brown and other earthy shades evoke a sense of well-being. Decorating with different shades of brown adds visual interest and depth to your hall.

Green hall as per Vastu

A colour that is connected with nature and mother Earth, green is calming. It invokes healing and growth. Using green on all the living room walls may be overpowering. Hence, consider using it for an accent wall, curtains in green or green plants. Green also helps calm down tempers and soothe the mood, making it perfect for a family room.

Pink hall colour as per Vastu

Pink signifies good health and helps in calming the nerves while also creating a romantic ambience. Pastel pink lends calmness to the hall décor. It represents warmth and love. If you and your family spend a lot of time in the living room, shades of pastel pink colour combination for living room, as per Vastu, can help develop a bond and keep conflicts at bay.

Vastu-recommended yellow hall colour

The yellow colour is ideal for halls that do not get enough sunlight. Yellow colour combination in the living room, as per Vastu, can bring a fresh wave of energy, enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Yellow is recommended by Vastu for creativity, concentration, liveliness and happiness. So, it is apt for the hall home office too. You can invite positive energies into your hall by either having a bright yellow accent wall or a statement piece of furniture like a yellow sofa or high back chair.

Orange hall colour as per Vastu

YOrange attracts positivity and has the balancing properties of cheerfulness and healthy relationships. According to Vastu, orange generates energy to promote conversations and relations. Use this colour in moderation in the hall, as it can also lead to aggression and temper issues.

Subtle hues of purple in the hall

Purple and shades of violet are excellent for stimulating good luck. Purple is linked with royalty, reality and wealth. Add hues of purple or violet in the hall for positive effects on the mind and body, elevating energy, adding calmness and encouraging creativity. Opt for subtle purple on the walls to foster sensitivity, compassion and a soothing ambience. If used moderately, violet brings calm and mental balance.

Vastu-based colour combinations for the hall

Vastu-approved colour combinations can make the hall an inviting and joyful space for your loved ones. Use two or three colours to create separate spaces in a living room but ensure that they complement each other to give a cohesive feel. Identify a theme according to your hall style and think of ways to add colours. Always take into consideration the amount of natural light that the hall receives before choosing a colour tone.

White and blue hall colour combination as per Vastu

The white and blue colour combination for the hall, as per Vastu, is a reflection of serenity. According to Vastu, the best direction of the hall is the northeast or northwest, making white and blue the ideal colours. White represents the metal element of a place and is linked to calmness and clarity. The blue stands for relaxation and peace of mind. The two colours combined are perfect for the hall, as this is where you spend time with the family and entertain guests.

Beige and brown combination

Beige and brown work well together, for inculcating grounded and secure feelings. Beige, the neutral colour, is associated with trees and plants and indicates strength and stability. It is also associated with prosperity. Neutral and warm colours such as light brown and beige are ideal for creating cosy and relaxed environments. Brown, as per Vastu, brings stability, comfort, positivity and prosperity.

Red, white and purple hall colour

A burst of colours adds cheer to a room. Representing power and passion, red colour stands for strong emotions, energy and passion. It also represents life and vitality. Use it subtly to not overpower the room.

A burst of colours adds cheer to a room. Representing power and passion, red colour stands for strong emotions, energy and passion. It also represents life and vitality. Use it subtly to not overpower the room.

Orange, brown and white colour combination for hall

Bright as it is, a pop of tangerine orange against a mellow white base and light brown textures can add drama to the hall. Use orange as an accent colour for curtains, carpets or cushions. Orange promotes positive energy and conversation among friends.

Hall curtain colours as per Vastu

Vastu-appropriate colours for the curtains can make the hall relaxing and enhance suitable vibes. Use light colour curtains on the windows and doors in the northeast and heavy curtains for the southwest. According to Vastu, yellow, green, blue and beige are ideal curtain colours for the hall. Green is a symbol of hope and stands for healing, blue depicts new beginnings, promoting the inclusion of nature in one’s life and peace, yellow is associated with joy and beige stands for comfort.

Vastu-based painting and artwork colours in the hall

As per Vastu tips for positive energy in home, one can display vibrant paintings related to the beauty of nature, to generate positive energy and lift the mood. The colours of the paintings also have an influence on the overall energies in the hall.

A colourful painting of a meditating Buddha can help you bring inner peace. According to Vastu, Radha-Krishna paintings can also be kept in the hall.

Peacocks are symbols of wisdom, status and wealth. Hang a painting of a peacock in the hall (blue and green feathers) to invite good luck and wisdom.

To attract financial luck, hang a seven-horse painting (white-blue, as per Vastu, is ideal) on the wall in the east

Keep a few green plants in the hall to get the maximum benefit of using the Vastu-recommended green colour for positive energy.

Plants like the lucky bamboo and money plant attract good luck when kept in the hall.