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Vastu Tips for 3 BHK Flat - Vastu for 3 Bedroom House

June, 2024

3 BHK flats in Mulund surrounded by greenery and water bodies

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When we talk about city life, the space available is limited, and luxurious backyards, pavements, and parking lots require a lot of space. Nonetheless, apartments now come with all of these facilities, while ensuring the correct Vastu for house. If you’re planning to buy a house or rent a 3 bedroom house, here are the vastu tips for 3 BHK flat you should look out for.

Opt for a Square or Rectangle-Shaped Building
If you want a home that increases positivity, you should opt for a building that is square or rectangular. While most buildings come in these classic shapes, some have cuts and extensions that lead to Vastu dosh. You should avoid buying a flat in such buildings.

Prefer Apartments with Larger Water Bodies Nearby
Water is known for bringing calmness and flow of life. When looking at Vastu for 3 BHK Flat, you should invest in a property that has larger water bodies around or nearby. When you are surrounded by a water body, the flow of your life will also improve.

Apartment Should Face the East or North East
Before buying or renting you should check the 3 BHK floor plan with Vastu to ease the process of your search. The apartment should face the northeast or east direction. Buying a flat in this direction can generate a chain of good luck for you.

Ensure the Entrance is in the Right Direction
To find the best 3 BHK house plan as per Vastu, you have to follow some simple things. Check out the entrance of the flat and make sure that it is facing the northeast direction. Entrance in the right location can help in generating positive energy inside the house.

Check the Location of the Kitchen
In every apartment, the kitchen is an integral part of Vastu for house. This is because the kitchen can generate good energy which spreads throughout the house. To ensure that nourishment isn’t hampered by Vastu dosh, make sure the kitchen never faces the main door.

Look for Apartments with Lawns
You should consider investing in apartments that have lawns in them. Lawns provide greenery, increase positivity, and are a great way to add Vastu for home. Make sure you find the right plants and placements to decorate the beautiful space.

Avoid Apartments with Balconies in the South
Consider avoiding apartments that face the west or south direction as these can turn unlucky for you. Any apartment which has a balcony in such a direction should also be avoided.

Main Door Shouldn't Face the Lift
The main door of your apartment should not be towards the lift. This is because multiple people use the lift leading to an influx of various types of energies. This uncertainty can cause negativity around your apartment, which is why you should avoid buying a house that faces the lift.

Buy an Apartment with Good Security
You should prefer buying an apartment which has good security. Such things are important so that you can avoid various types of problems. Ensure that the cabin of the watchman is located in the right direction so that you can get better safety and security for your apartment.

Check the Number of Doors for Energy Flow
Consider checking the number of doors and windows available in the apartment. More windows will ensure better energy flow throughout your house. They will also help you in getting rid of all the negativity that accumulates in your home.

These are just some Vastu for home tips, that if followed can increase positivity and harmony in your home. When buying a 3 BHK flat, make sure you check it as per the above Vastu guidelines.

Wrapping Up: Vastu Tips for 3 BHK Flat
Different directions and placements for flats and apartments are advised by the Vastu Shastra. Check out the information above before choosing a 3 BHK flat if you want your home to be auspicious and to offer you physical, mental, and financial well-being. You must keep the above vastu tips for 3 BHK in mind while buying an apartment. The most auspicious apartments, known as A-grade apartments, are those that can bring their residents success.

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