Living room lighting ideas to add elegance to your space


If you want to oomph up your living room space for making a distinct statement before your guests, it is about time that you turn your focus to living room lighting ideas. Be it an oversized chandelier or a DIY pendant light, these lighting fixtures can jazz up the area of your home. This can create a great impression in the minds of your visitors and instill a sense of pride in you.

The living room is the busiest space of our home during weekends or parties. While exploring the living room lighting ideas, you have many options to consider, including wall lights and smart LED lights. Let us dive deep into this article to gain insights into the lighting dynamism for the space:

What is the best type of lighting for a living room?

If you are looking to decorate your house with enchanting lighting fixtures, you should consider these living room lighting ideas:

  • Ambient lights should be considered for giving a diffused background light effect. Some of the best resources for ambient light are chandeliers, and wall sconces
  • Desk lamps, floor lamps, and reading lamps, among others, can be used for task lighting to illuminate a particular area while keeping other areas dark in the living room
  • If you are willing to use lighting for decorative purposes, accent lamps and picture lamps are best to serve the purpose

How should you light your living room?

Living room lighting ideas should be contemplated when planning to renovate the existing lighting systems. Here are some suggestions to improve the living room aesthetics:

  • If the design of your living room is simple, using unusual designs of lighting fixtures will complement them
  • Wall lights are trendy living room lighting ideas that not only add a soft glow to the room but also help the light to bounce back, adding a layer of cosiness
  • Industrial-themed big chandelier lights are known to bring the next-level vibe to the room instantly
  • For adding a vintage touch to your living room, you can also keep electrical lanterns

Ceiling light ideas for living room

Following are the living room lighting ideas to make it eye-catching:

  • Use functional and decorative lights on the ceiling to bring an element of sophistication to the space
  • Always choose lights that are subtle and amplify the aesthetics of the living room
  • You can go for a quirky pendant design lighting idea to amp up your living room art decor
  • Use a mid or large-sized chandelier to give a vintage vibe to your living room. You can choose vintage or contemporary-style chandeliers to compliment the interiors

How do you light a cosy living room?

Living room lighting ideas are considered best when it comes to heightening cosiness and welcoming ambience. Here are the suggestions to light up your living room:

Pendant lights

The pendant light is often regarded as the best living room lighting idea. These are available at affordable pricing in different shapes and sizes. You can choose pendant lights as per your suitability to boost the comfort and cosiness of your living room. What is more, you can go for a pendant light with a metallic touch as it helps in reflecting light.

Dimmer lights

The warm tones of dim lighting evoke a feeling of luxury in your living room. You can go for easily available dimmer lights in the market. If you choose the smart versions, you can also choose the level of dimness to set the mood and requirements. These are cost-effective as compared to regular lighting as well as help save electricity costs.

Layer lights

Layer lights are also regarded as a wonderful living room lighting idea if you wish to create a balance of cool and warm lighting. The bulbs are usually placed in layers in a way that you easily switch to the brightness and warmness you want. The bulbs should be chosen depending on the area of the living room you want to install them.

Smart LED bulbs

Smart LED bulbs are one of the popular living room lighting ideas. This usually comes as a single bulb with multiple lighting options. You have to simply connect this product with your voice assistant or smartphone and set the lights on at your convenience.

What colour light is the best for the living room?

Choosing suitable lighting for the living room is very tricky, and one wrong move can destroy the vibe you wish to exhibit. While pondering over the living room lighting ideas, it is better to ask yourself what suits your needs. If you want a relaxed environment, soft warm tones can be chosen. Whereas, if you love brightness and gleam, cool tones of light are worth considering. To make this selection process simple, we have discussed the features of both:

Warm tone light

Warm tone lights add a sense of relaxing and comforting vibe to the living room. Thanks to the orange or yellow undertones that make the room more welcoming for guests. This living room lighting idea is also used in the bedroom as soft light is known to help in falling asleep faster.

Cool tone light

While exploring the living room lighting idea, ponder over cool-tone lights that work well with living rooms that have dark-coloured furniture or flooring. An advantage of having cool tone light is that it improves mental productivity within the dwellers.

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