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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Home in Mumbai in 2023

July, 2023

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Purchasing a home in Mumbai can be a complex task due to the numerous options available and the potential for mistakes. However, by following a systematic approach, you can simplify the process and make informed decisions based on your preferences and budget. This step-by-step guide will provide you with the necessary framework to navigate the home-buying process in Mumbai.

1: Decide on the Locality

When buying a home in Mumbai, the location is of utmost importance. Different localities in Mumbai vary significantly in terms of price, social and economic factors. By starting with the locality, you can gain insight into the overall budget and use it as a reference point for subsequent decisions.

Consider two major aspects when deciding on the locality:

  1. The Fundamental Outlook:Evaluate factors that contribute to the quality of life in the locality, including infrastructure development, transportation and mobility, employment opportunities, safety and security, water and electricity supply, healthcare facilities, education, and good governance. Obtain information from reliable sources such as the internet, research reports, or by speaking with local residents.

  2. The Real Estate Outlook:Assess factors related to the real estate market, such as price trends, available projects, future growth potential, favorable policies and tax concessions, and upcoming developments. This will help you shortlist localities based on both fundamental and real estate outlooks.

2: Understand Locality Price Trends in Mumbai

Price trends in different localities depend on supply and demand dynamics. Generally, higher demand leads to higher prices. Factors such as ease of living, quality of life, employment opportunities, and connectivity influence demand. If you have a limited budget, consider investing in emerging localities that are expected to develop economically in the near future. This approach can provide better affordability while offering growth potential.

3: Know Upcoming Infrastructure Projects

In addition to price trends, it's crucial to consider upcoming infrastructure projects when evaluating a locality. Key infrastructure developments, such as the expansion of the Mumbai Metro Lines, can significantly impact the real estate market in specific locations. Access information about upcoming projects through the internet, press releases, and real estate news. When deciding on a locality, take into account proximity to workplaces, schools, colleges, hospitals, livability, quality of life, future growth prospects, infrastructure projects, employment opportunities, and overall economic growth.

4: Define the Right Budget

Selecting a location will give you a rough estimate of your budget. Calculate the total amount you need to borrow from the bank, the applicable EMIs on the home loan amount, and the loan tenure required for repayment. Aim for a budget that fulfills your expectations without causing undue financial strain. Consider factors such as your home loan eligibility, costs involved in the buying process, and the limit of 40% of your monthly net income for EMIs. Research different banks' eligibility criteria, terms, and conditions to understand the home loan application process thoroughly.

5: Analyse Budget-Wise Supply and Demand in Mumbai

Understanding the demand for properties within your budget range is essential. Sufficient demand indicates a wider range of options available, while high demand may result in higher prices. Analyse the supply and demand dynamics for your desired budget to gain insights into the availability of residential projects in Mumbai.

6: Consider Costs Involved in the Buying Process

The selling price of a property is not the final cost you need to consider. Several other cost components contribute significantly to the overall expense. Being aware of these costs allows for accurate budget planning. The following are some key cost components involved in buying a home in Mumbai:

  • Stamp Duty and Registration Charges: These charges are levied by the state government and are mandatory when purchasing a property. In Mumbai, stamp duty is typically 5% of the property's market value.

  • Maintenance Charges:These charges may be paid upfront or on a monthly basis and cover the maintenance of common areas. If the monthly maintenance exceeds Rs 7500, taxes may apply.

  • Preferential Location Charges:For a prime location within a building or tower, additional charges called PLC may be applicable.

  • Amenities Charges:Some builders may charge separately for amenities such as gyms, children's play areas, and clubhouses.

  • Brokerage:If you engage an agent to assist you in finding a property, they may charge a fee of 1-2% of the total deal.

7: Decide Between Under Construction and Ready-to-Move Properties

In Mumbai, both under construction and ready-to-move properties have their advantages. Under-construction properties offer payment flexibility tied to the construction process, potential property appreciation during the waiting period, and attractive discounts. Ready-to-move properties provide immediate possession, eliminating the need for rental expenses. Consider your financial capabilities, rental costs, and personal preferences when deciding between the two options.

8: Determine Home Size, Area, and Configuration

Choosing the appropriate area and unit configuration (e.g., 1, 2, or 3BHK) depends on your budget. Different projects or developers may offer varying area sizes for each configuration. If you have a specific configuration in mind, check the availability of new launches that match your requirements. In Mumbai, 1, 2, and 3 BHK configurations are popular, offering a wide variety of projects to choose from.

9: Select the Best Real Estate Project and Developer

In Mumbai, there are standalone projects that provide quality housing with essential features and lifestyle-oriented projects that offer comprehensive amenities and facilities. Determine your requirements and preferences before selecting the project type. Research the track record, reviews, ratings, financial standing, past delivery timelines, number of ongoing projects, approvals, licenses, and the quality of projects delivered by different builders. While established developers may have a solid reputation, don't overlook emerging developers who might offer excellent projects.

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